When one studies the situation we are in today, we arrive at the following:

1. At the level of Individual: We see today that humans on the one hand have unhappiness, dissatisfaction, lack of hope, and a sense of futility about them, and on the other are faced with domination and other problems. The health of the body is steadily declining in spite of improved levels of material and medical facilities. A majority of people find themselves engulfed in the problems of some type, and some people have even come to believe that no soutions are even possible.

2. At the level of Family: One sees complaints, fights inter-personal tensions, in-justice, hatred and numerous attempts to solve these, ultimately leading to disin-tegration and a feeling of being deprived of material facilities.

3. At the level of Society: Problems are visble in the form of tendency to snatch from one another, opposition, exploitation, struggle, war, poverty and unemployment. There is talk of working in harmony with each other, but never en up being successful.

4. At the level of Nature/environment: Problems manifest in the form of imbalance, pollution, scarcity of physical and ecological disturbances. poisonous material are on the increase in the air, water, soil and food while the fertility of the soil is decreasing.

The topics covered in the course will draw the attention of the students towards issues which affect us and the society we live in.



Human Values Course

HS1001 & HS1002