Human Values I: HS 1001 (0-2-0-2)


The Human Values course tries to achieve the following objectives.

1. To develop a critical ability to distinguish between essence and form, or between what is of value and what is superficial, in life.

What makes it difficult is the fact that the ability is to be developed not for a narrow area or field of study, but for everyday situations in life. It covers the widest possible canvas.

2. To move from discrimination to commitment.

It is not sufficient to develop the discrimination ability, it is important to act on such discrimination in a given situation.

3. The course does not teach values.

It encourages students to discover what they consider valuable. Accordingly, they should be able to discriminate between valuable and the superficial in real situations in their life.

Human Values II: HS 1002 (0-2-0-2)


The course is aimed at furthering the understanding of human values gained in HS 1001. Thus, the objectives are same as those for HS 1001. However, emphasis will shift to point 2, namely, to move from discrimination to commitment.


Human Values Course

HS1001 & HS1002