Human Values Course

HS1001 & HS1002

Self confidence. Relative and absolute confidence, being self-determined, swatantrata (loosely equivalent to freedom).

1. Peer pressure. Examples of external pressure, relating to swatantrata (freedom), making one’s own choices.

2. Relationship with family and friends. Major cause of unhappiness today.

3. Anger. Investigation of reasons, watching ones own anger. Is anger a sign of power or helplessness, distinction between response and reaction.

4. Right utilization of physical facilities. Determining one needs, needs of the self and of the body, cycle of nature.

5. Relationship with teachers. Inside the class, and outside the class interacting with teachers.

6. Time Management. Issues of planning, as well as concentration (and aligning with self goals).

7. Respect. Do you respect yourself? Do you respect others? Feeling of respect is different from expression of that feeling.

8. Expectations from your self. Excellence and competition, coping with stress, Identifying one’ interests as well as strengths.

9. Complimentarity of skills and values. Distinction between information & knowledge

10. Goals. Short term goals and long term goals (discussing one’s goals). How do we set our goal? How to handle responsibilities which have to be fulfilled while working for goals.